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80 Regular Descaling Machine

The descaling machine of Nanjing Descaling Technology uses the principle of high pressure dephosphorization. In fact, the principle of high pressure phosphorus removal has been applied in forging industry for a long time. It is ultra-high pressure technology, with high equipment cost. Secondly, hand-held high-pressure water gun manually to remove oxide scale, the pump has a short life, especially in winter. According to the actual needs of the forging factory friends, Descaling Technology has invented the forging oxide scale cleaning machine. At present, it has passed the test of the market for five years, has won six national practical appearance double patents. We are specialized in removing collecting forging oxide scale. At present, it is the ninth generation product to help enterprises solve the defects of the oxide scale on forging pieces. At present, the appearance of equipment in the market all comes from the patent structure of our company. Our company has professional R & D personnel, constantly forge ahead, to improve the descaling machine, never cut corners. Our company serves more than 100 forging factories with a monthly output of 50 sets.

The products cleaned by Descaling Technology descaling machine are approved by foreign top 500 enterprises the third party metallographic examination.

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80副水箱 .jpg

细节图 英文.jpg

细节图 轴承外置润滑  英文.jpg

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1,The whole machine adopts stainless steel plastic spraying, black

2,The exit and entrance adopt integral welding with high parallelism

3,Front and back built-in baffle, less splash, easy maintenance

4,The nozzle mounting seat is welded with stainless steel, which is easy to maintain

5,Comprehensive treatment of oxide skin, less lower the temperature

6,After removing the oxide scale, the metallographic structure of the product has no change


NameModelDimension(mm)Equipment powerPump brandFlow
80 Regular Descaling MachineLTQ-80-201300*1500*13604.3KWNanfang pump4m³/h
Suitable for bar diameter(mm)Width and height after blank making(mm)Number of nozzlesMaterialTransmission motorChain specification
15-8080*8014201spraySpeed control motor12A

  • Advanced technology and high quality

    Senior R & D team, master mature industry technology, independent R & D design, shape high-end quality from the source

  • Standard manufacturing to make good quality

    High precision advanced equipment, standardized production line, accurate control of equipment quality

  • Own software to ensure quality

    R&D team develops the corresponding software system according to the customer's requirements (testing the size and demand of the product), customization makes more choices

  • Quality control by quality inspection team

    The selection of raw materials, the control of software system development or the quality inspection of products, all are strictly controlled

1.Our personnel are responsible for the installation and debugging of the system to ensure the stable operation of the system and meet the detection requirements of customers

2.When the system is delivered, systematic training shall be given to the users so that they can operate skillfully to judge and solve the basic problems

3.System warranty for one year, lifetime service, enjoy free system upgrade

4.The sales and service personnel will reply to the problems that the customer cannot solve within 2 hours and arrive at the customer within 2 days

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